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  • During the WinPE start up, WinPE does not get an IP address and when IP config is run no network adapters are listed.

Found in affected System:

  • OS: WinPE 10
  • Version: 10.015063.0
  • Hardware: Network Adapters
  • Driver: Applies to most Network drivers


  • In most cases this is due to a missing driver, thus the Operating System in not aware of the network adapter.


  • Identify the required driver, typiclly via the vendor's web site or support.
  • Download the driver and copy it onto a USB flash driver
  • During the WinPE boot press F8 (if enbaled) this will provide a dos console.
  • Chang drivers to the USB Flash driver typically this will be C: , D: or E:
  • CD to the location of the driver .inf file
  • run: drvload<driver>.inf
    • this will load the driver into the kernel.
  • run: wpeutil initializeNetwork
    • this will force WinPE to reload the network components.
  • run: ipconfig
    • if you have the correct diver the network interface will be listed and it will have an IP address (assume the network is connected and functioning correctly)

Image Added

  • Now that the missing driver has been confirmed to work, it can be added to the WinPE image using the normal steps.