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Hi I'm Greg. I have been in Information technology since Y2K, do you remember the big scare? Everything was going to stop working. An apocalypse. Well it turned out just fine, between NTP servers and ISA bus cards that replaced the clock on the system board it was BAU for our customers. Back then we had customers running DOS and Windows 3.11 , Windows 95 and Windows NT , there was a sprinkling of Windows 2000 Servers in there somewhere. Showing my age as they say. Fewer people know the sound of a high speed dot matrix printer.

Over the years I moved through the Microsoft operating systems , yes even Windows ME, face palm, Window 98 , Windows XP, personally I stayed on Windows 2000 until XP was past SP1. Server 2008 and Server 2012 in between the Linux. Linux yes I did the Linux desktop, KDE, Gnome. I did the linux purist thing, even got a some Microsoft applications to run using Wine, not it doesn't come in a bottle although sometimes one may wish it did.

The Linux years were interesting, I worked Internet Service Providers, Hardware developers, and software developers. Some of the best times in I.T. the camaraderie, and being part of making things happen. I have done programming in PHP,  that was a while back in the days of PHP 4.x, an online shop, an auction site, some Perl odds n ends, and obviously BASH. Docker is the great for creating build environments and managing the build environments.

Circumstances change and I moved back to the corporate world. Now I'm coding in Powershell and deploying Windows 10 in an Enterprise environment, leveraging other Microsoft products such as SCCM, Bitlocker, and back to Server 2012, with 2016 in the near future. 

Enough about me, what's this site about? It's mostly my notes from current and past experience and I hope that they will be of use to others. These notes not limited to I.T. s I have many other interests (wink) .



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